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2015年7月 5日 (日)

二千五百五十六: ある新聞記事を見て_No.3



Good evening.

Let me translate some Japnese Newspaper's articles into English .
Because , I want foreign people to know recent Japanese politics movement .


(以下、『朝日新聞デジタル WEBRONZA』、2015/7/2記事より引用)
●”百田発言”と「ヒューブリス(傲慢)症候群」 とりかえしのつかない失敗に突き進む危険性も












(quotation from "Asahi newspaper digital/WEBRONZA"'s article on 2015/7/2 )
●"Hyakuta's remarks" and "Hubris (arrogance) syndrome" The risk may go to irreparable mistakes

The LDP(自民党)'s "Culture Art Social Gathering(文化芸術懇話会)" was started with a purpose of "Making plan of "Policy Art" to touch many people's hearts , and learning wisdom and power to carry out" , through the exchange of opinions with the artists .

Mr.Naoki Hyakuta giving his lecture in "Culture Art Social Gathering" of the spread LDP
(in the center) , afternoon on June 25, 2015
At LDP's headquaters of Tokyo, Nagatacho(永田町)

Mr.Naoki Hyakuta(writer) was invited as the 1st lecturer on June 25.
And , he spoke that.
"We should smash 2 Okinawa Newspapers{"Okinawa Times(沖縄タイムス)" and "Ryukyu Shimpo(琉球新報)"}" .

Besides, about establishment of the United States Armed Forces Futenma Air Station(米軍普天間飛行場), Mr.Naoki Hyakuta said that.
"The original figure of Futenma Air Station was some rice fields ."
And , "Neighborhood inhabitants moved for money purpose".
So , he spoke that .
"Income of all landowners of the base are tens of millions of yen , yearly. They live in Roppongi Hills(六本木ヒルズ) and e.t.c."

It is said that "Culture Art Social Gathering" has many young Diet members who are near Prime Minister Abe(安倍首相) .
It is said that they have some aims from LDP presidential election in this autumn to the referendum of the Constitutional Amendment.
So to speak , we can think that "Culture Art Social Gathering" is a meeting with strong color of "Abe Cheering Party".
Those events occured there , so that Hyakuta's remarks were largely reported by many Newspapers and TV news .

On the next day, Hyakuta accepted telephone coverage of "Okinawa Times".
He repeated the following things without correcting his remarks .
"I haven't read newspapers of Okinawa well. But, reading by Internet , there are some different recognitions between newspapers of Okinawa and me . The newspapers are the newspapers which I dislike from the impression of the overall articles . "
"Big money is paid to landowners of Futenma . Therefore , they and some millionaires living in Roppongi Hills are same . It is the story that I wrote in an e-mail magazine. If Futenma is returned , the town will be deserted immediately . The landowners who have warmly life will have to be in trouble . "
"Okinawa Times and Ryukyu Shimpo have the diffrent opinions from my opinions . So , I(百田:Hyakuta) hope that nobody reads Okinawa Times and Ryukyu Shimpo . Therefore , I(百田:Hyakuta) hope that Okinawa Times and Ryukyu Shimpo have no readers at all . And , I(百田:Hyakuta) hope that Okinawa Times and Ryukyu Shimpo will go bankrupts . My remarks have such meanings. "


Hyakuta's such remakes had begun in the past days.

For example, Mr.Hyakuta left his remark in a talk with Mr.Shoichi Watanabe(渡辺昇一) with issue(the April, 2013) , "Voice"(PHP Research Institute) .

"It was an aggressive war , but Japanese didn't perform the war with Southeast Asian people . The Japanese military fought against the British military which occupied Malaysia , and France military which occupied Vietnam , and United States military which occupied Philippines . If you criticize the act of Japan as a aggression , The American and European countries that had already invaded will have to be criticized ."
(end of quotation)

●国民理解不十分でも安保法案採決 自民の高村副総裁、民主反発


(quotation from "Chunichi newspaper"'s article on 2015/7/4 )
●voting the Bill related Security Treaty without Japanese people's sufficient assent , Mr.Masahiko Takamura(sub president) of LDP , Democratic Party of Japan opposing

In NHK's night program on 4th day , Mr.Masahiko Takamura(sub president) of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan(LDP) suggested that they carry out without Japanese people's sufficient assent about the Bill related Security Treaty which enables the performing the Right with collective self-defense.(,,,omit)
(end of quotation)

●ナウルなどを「くそ貧乏長屋」 百田氏、勉強会で発言
●Mr.Hyakuta spoke "Nauru and other countries are poor shit apartments" in Studying Party


By a research for some attendants , we knew that.
In Studying Party(勉強会:Benkyo-Kai) of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan(自民党), Mr.Naoki Hyakuta(百田尚樹) , writer , named Nauru , Vanuatu and Tuvalu that have no the armed forces.
He spoke "Tuvalu is poor shit apartment. Tuvalu has nothing that we should get".

●安保法制・私はこう考える:海外の戦争、参加不要 作家、C・W・ニコルさん(74)


The Abe Administration pushes Security Treaty legislation over saying that I(安倍) promised with the United States.
We can't trust the explanation for the Bill of the Abe Administration.

●銃持てば巻き込まれる ノーベル賞・赤崎さん、安保法案絶対反対


About the acceptance of using Right with collective self-defense(集団的自衛権), or the Bill related Security Treaty which may change the way of the pacifism that Japan have kept.
With his power , he talked that.
"I oppose it absolutely . Because , it has some dangers that we may not be able to control for itself. "(、、、omit)

●安保をただす 法案の採決 日程ありきの与党方針


Do they push it without doing the deliberation thoroughly ?
The ruling party decided to aim the passage of The House of Representatives of Japan on 16th day and the voting of the committee on 15th day about Security Treaty legislation .
Their postures are clear.
So , their postures mean that they regard their schedule as important .


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